Alone, but not Lonely

Today was the first time in a really long time, that I was the only person in the house during the day. The kids were at work,and their girlfriends were working or signing up for school.

I enjoy having them around. Most 18 and 22 year olds don’t spend a lot of time with their parents. They are out living their lives.

But we have been very fortunate in that regard. They are home-bodies, and don’t mind hanging with us ‘old’ people, watching movies, or playing on their phones.

So, It was me, and the menagerie. Four small dogs, one very large dog and a blind cat occupy the indoor spaces.

When I take them outside in the yard, another three to five outdoor cats come running for petting or playing.

But even with all the animals, I accomplished more today than I have in weeks. My pain levels and mood have been a huge factor in my lack of motivation. Who really feels like ‘creating’ or ‘designing’ when your mood is dark. Although with Halloween right around the corner….

Without stress or constant distraction, my Fibromyalgia was livable.

I even progressed quite a bit on the pattern I am writing for one of my winter hats. It is coming along nicely and should be finished tomorrow.

My crochet projects are comforting for me when they come together quickly and as they are supposed to. But rarely do they work up without a hitch. Your chosen stitch pattern just doesn’t look good, so you ‘frog’ it… rip it back and start again. Or you can lose count of those stitches when the doorbell rings and all your pets go crazy.

This can happen multiple times, and it’s good to be able to focus, so your mood doesn’t sour too quickly.

This is also the first year that we didn’t have the dreaded ‘Back to School’ shopping. All of my chicks have grown up, graduated and are now on to bigger and better things.

The time really has gone quickly. The day my each of my kids was born, is still as fresh in my mind as if it were yesterday.

When you’re in the thick of it, doing your best to teach this totally dependant bundle of crying, pooping, and awe inspiring miracle how to survive, each sleepless moment seems like an eternity. You wonder if you can do it. The responsibility is ginormous.

Then, one day you wake up and they’re grown. And you long for those early days. Another stage of life ends.

But maybe, just maybe, if you’re very lucky, you can use all that knowledge and patience on your grandkids… just not too soon.

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